Mar 17, 2010

Lizelle Maralag,GMA and Yellow Cab Pizza

Lizelle G. Maralag is the new President of GMA Marketing. Maralag succeeds Manuel P. Quiogue,who retired at the end of 2009.

Before her Appointment, Maralag was the Managing Director for Starcom Media Vest Group(SMG) Philippines. According to records, Since she assumed leadership of SMG Philippines in 2000, the company has steadily established itself as the Leading Media Agency in the Market with Conseactive AOR wins including Coca-cola,Petron,Unilab,San Miguel,Gokongwei Group of Companies,MONDE-Nissin,McDonald's,among others..

yellow Cab Pizza Co. The number to dial for your favorite pizza and pasta is delivery.

Protest for A Coal-Fired Plant In Davao

The Tugaska Davao del Sur (Tingog Ug Gugma Alang Sa Kinaiyahan- Davao del Sur, has started airing protests against the building of a coal-fired power plant by the Sagittarius Mines Inc. (SMI) in the Municipality of Malalag in Davao del Sur.

In a statement released yesterday, Tugaska called on Local Government Units(LGUs),environment groups, the church, and the people of Malalag and its neighboring towns to come together and fight the putting up of a coal power plant in the said town.

The group said that the mining firm will use the power plant in running its machinery, separating water and mineral ores from tailing pipes in its mining Area of less than 5percent of the lands' worth which is pegged at 1 million pesos per hectare.

It is said that the firm will start using the land after the initial payment.

However, if Sagittarius Mines Inc. ceases its operations and discontinues use of the land, the company will return the land to the owners which, by that time, would no longer be usable;

Report from Ben Arche, dated March 10,2010." Group Rejects Coal Plant in Davao Sur".

Notice from Xerox

Notice from Xerox. Simula Elementary years, nakito ko na an ganitong mga signbords at signage.. "Xerox", "Xerox here", 5o cents xerox'',etc...

andito an notice from the company; "Xerox is not just another word for copy. Xerox is a registered trademark protected by Law. Xerox is a globally recognized registered trademark,

so please don't use the word "xerox" as another word for "copy".

Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.. Tokyo, Japan

Orchid Business in the Philippines. Dendrobiums

Farmers, traders and other entrepreneurs. Heres' the blooming business that creates lots of jobs and opportunities; Orchid Culture and Business.

story starts... Edwin Veneracion and his Wife, Gina, put up Golden Blooms Nursery of Orchids in 1998, with three helpers and 3,000 dendrobium seedlings. After 12 years, their stocks have increased to more than 600,000 dendrobiums of various sizes, and a lesser number of vandas, cattleyas, and oncidiums,plus 50 full time employees/workers.

Their orchid costumers; buyers, traders and resellers come as far away as Zamboanga and General Santos City in the South and Laoag and Tuguegarao Cities in the North. Heres an excerpt from " Orchid Business Creates Jobs", by Zac B. Sarian. Feb. 20,2010.

"why do traders from as far as Mindanao go to buy orchids in Bulacan? The reason is n0t hard to tell. The dendrobiums in Full bloom are very healthy and floriferous and they are very cheap compared to the retail prices that many buyers in Metro Manila and else where pay".

for instance, dendrobiums that have as many as three to four flower spikes in size 4 pots are sold for only 50 pesos to 60 pesos. The highest price for that size is 70 pesos for a new and outstanding variety.

The majority of the varities they buy may be retailed anywhere between 120 pesos and 200 each. It could even be higher". From that statements, imagine the size, the market and the Income- the opportunities of blooming Orchid Business..

Musa and Optimism

''Musa,an arab boy was educated at Cambridge,went back to Palestine where he became a well-to-do man,by middle Eastern Standards. Then,in political turmoil, he lost everything, including his home. He went beyond Jordan to the edge of Jericho. Stretching away on either side was the great,bleak, and desert of the Jordan Valley.

In the distance to the left, shimmering in the hot haze, loomed the mountains of Judea, and to the right the Mountains of Moab. With the exception of a few oases, hothing had ever been cultivated in this hot and weary land, and everyone said that nothing could b, for how could you bring water to it?

to dam the Jordan River for irrigation was to0 expensive and besides, there was no money to finance such a project. What about underground water? Asked Musa Alami. Long and loud they laughed..

He had heard of the amazing rehabilitation of the California Desert through Subsurface Water. He decided that he could find water here also. All the old-time Bedouin Sheiks said it couldn't be done; gov't officials agreed, and so, solemnly, did the famous scientists from abroad. There was absolutely no water there. That was that..

But Musa was unimpressed. He thought there was. A few poverty-stricken refugees from the nearby Jericho Refugee Camp helped him as he started to dig. With well-drilling Equipment? Not on your Life.


They wept. Water has been found in the Ancient desert". A very old man, sheik of a nearby village,heard the amazing news. He came to see for himself. Musa, he asked, have you really found water? Let me see it and feel it and taste it!

it was the simple tribute of a desert man to a positive thinker who did what everyone said could n0t be done...

Text Messaging and Legal Scams

Text Messaging and Legal Scams. After spam messages in SMS, MMS, Illegal Subscriptions and Lost of Prepaid balances. Nandito na ang bagong pang uto xa sambayanan. pra madaling maubos an inyong prepaid load.

The two firms will come up with a suitable platform which will allow betting on the PCSO's Lottery games through the use of the short or text messaging service of mobile phone companies..jhe. Thats' more profits!

7 Billion Net Profit for SM Prime

7 Billion Net Profit for SM Prime. A ten percent growth of SM Prime Holding,Inc.,consolidated net income was reported at 7billion, last February,from 6.4 billion in 2008.

A disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) stated that "SM Prime revenues grew by 15 percent to 20.5 billion pesos in 2009 while EBITDA or Earnings before interest,taxes,depreciation and amortization,rose 14percent,for an EBITDA margin of 68 percent.

It also expanded SM City Rosales in Pangasinan, SM City Fairview,and SM North EDSA through its Sky Garden.

These 2010, SM Prime plans to open SM City Novaliches, SM City Tarlac, SM Supercenter Masinag in Antipolo, SM City Calamba and SM Supercenter San Pablo.

Also,it is scheduled to open SM Suzhon in Fourth Quarter-its fourth mall in China,located in the province of Siangsu. So much for the success and Growth of SM Prime.

Ten Things that Bring Success

Ten Things that Bring Success.
1. Discovering Gods' purpose for your life. ( He has the best plan ).

2. Talking to God in prayer. ( Get real with him. He knows whats in your heart anyway

3. Believing that God loves you unconditionally.

4. Living peacefully with others. ( conflict robs you of energy and motivation.)

5. Loving others in spite of their faults.

6. Choosing good friends. ( A mark of true success ).

7. Starting over after making mistakes. ( Each day is anew and fresh ).

8. Working hard at something you like or that is required of you. ( you'll feel good about your accomplishments.)

9. Being generous. ( give the gifts of your time and abilities to others.

10. Making right choices, no matter how difficult. ( it builds self-respect and the respect of others.)

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