''Musa,an arab boy was educated at Cambridge,went back to Palestine where he became a well-to-do man,by middle Eastern Standards. Then,in political turmoil, he lost everything, including his home. He went beyond Jordan to the edge of Jericho. Stretching away on either side was the great,bleak, and desert of the Jordan Valley.

In the distance to the left, shimmering in the hot haze, loomed the mountains of Judea, and to the right the Mountains of Moab. With the exception of a few oases, hothing had ever been cultivated in this hot and weary land, and everyone said that nothing could b, for how could you bring water to it?

to dam the Jordan River for irrigation was to0 expensive and besides, there was no money to finance such a project. What about underground water? Asked Musa Alami. Long and loud they laughed..

He had heard of the amazing rehabilitation of the California Desert through Subsurface Water. He decided that he could find water here also. All the old-time Bedouin Sheiks said it couldn't be done; gov't officials agreed, and so, solemnly, did the famous scientists from abroad. There was absolutely no water there. That was that..

But Musa was unimpressed. He thought there was. A few poverty-stricken refugees from the nearby Jericho Refugee Camp helped him as he started to dig. With well-drilling Equipment? Not on your Life.


They wept. Water has been found in the Ancient desert". A very old man, sheik of a nearby village,heard the amazing news. He came to see for himself. Musa, he asked, have you really found water? Let me see it and feel it and taste it!

it was the simple tribute of a desert man to a positive thinker who did what everyone said could n0t be done...

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