Farmers, traders and other entrepreneurs. Heres' the blooming business that creates lots of jobs and opportunities; Orchid Culture and Business.

story starts... Edwin Veneracion and his Wife, Gina, put up Golden Blooms Nursery of Orchids in 1998, with three helpers and 3,000 dendrobium seedlings. After 12 years, their stocks have increased to more than 600,000 dendrobiums of various sizes, and a lesser number of vandas, cattleyas, and oncidiums,plus 50 full time employees/workers.

Their orchid costumers; buyers, traders and resellers come as far away as Zamboanga and General Santos City in the South and Laoag and Tuguegarao Cities in the North. Heres an excerpt from " Orchid Business Creates Jobs", by Zac B. Sarian. Feb. 20,2010.

"why do traders from as far as Mindanao go to buy orchids in Bulacan? The reason is n0t hard to tell. The dendrobiums in Full bloom are very healthy and floriferous and they are very cheap compared to the retail prices that many buyers in Metro Manila and else where pay".

for instance, dendrobiums that have as many as three to four flower spikes in size 4 pots are sold for only 50 pesos to 60 pesos. The highest price for that size is 70 pesos for a new and outstanding variety.

The majority of the varities they buy may be retailed anywhere between 120 pesos and 200 each. It could even be higher". From that statements, imagine the size, the market and the Income- the opportunities of blooming Orchid Business..

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