Apr 15, 2010

Change of Yahoomail account

i changed my yahoo mail account...
after years of using it...
thanks for the Yahoo company and their free email service.
it helps me a lot.

Apr 14, 2010

Estancia is On fire

Election campaigns are ranging..
with political spending soaring..
whose gonna blame and whos' gonna win?
are they that greedy or are they that wholeheartedly?
serving the nation and their fellow Filipinos...

noise are drifting that sparks of different fires, are flying everywhere.
especially in the barangays and midnight hours.
whats their benefits and whats their concerns?
only the monsters could tell..

Apr 8, 2010

hot summer town

white beaches..grooming sand...
hot tropical sun..
whats more?

Beatiful Ladies.
good place to rest..


Apr 5, 2010

Holes of Broadband Services in Northern Iloilo

many Internet cafes had switched to broadband internet subscriptions because of promises and expensive advertisements of Smart and Globe...

t anu? its fails...the system failed.. Smart Broadband , Smart Bro failed..
same with Globe...

why should they make such product details without quality in mind?
connections always down. walang signal..mahina ang signal..anu pa?

Spending Millions for Estancia.

Question of all Questions... why should politicians, spend millions of pesos to be the mayor of Estancia, Iloilo?

maybe i should make some reports from the top...

next please..

Respite of Gadgets

Listening to radio while thinking of something to write is quite boring. My electric fan sounds like a Huey Helicopter descending to a Hot Landing Zone. Its making a noisy song of machine defective blades. ..ahh..I need a news one.

But the Heat is too much this April. Our town of Estancia is like a desert city near the arabian Peninsula. the water or rather the fresh water supply, run scarce this days.

too much! this hot air makes my mouth dry. maybe im lacking of minerals and vitamins of some kind.

damn that sound of election. may 10 is coming yet i have not seen a PCOS Machine, personally...

Lots of garbage and Pollutions. garbage from campaign materials and noise poolution from megaphones and sound boxs... enough!@

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