Jun 7, 2011

Career Service Examination - Computer-Assisted Test (CSE-CAT): Revision

Revised Schedule for the Opening of the Online CSE-CAT Application Reservation System (OCARS) from June 20, 2011 to June 21, 2011.

In view of the Proclamation No. 156, declaring June 20, 2011 (Monday) as a special non-working holiday throughout the country in observance of the 150th Birth Anniversary of our National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, please be informed that the opening of the Online CSE-CAT Application Reservation System (OCARS), an internet-based application for requesting a date when to personally appear and file the application form (CS Form 100, revised 2008), is at 3:00PM on June 21, 2011 (Tuesday) for the Quarter of 2011 CSE-CAT schedules.

All interested CSE-CAT applicants is advise to log on to the CSC website (www.csc.gov.ph) on the said date.  Moreover, outside of the specified date for the opening of the OCARS, the system is disabled. 

Please refer to the website on the following link :
http/excell.csc.gov.ph/cscweb/geninfo_cse.html  , for the questions regarding the requirements of your CSE-CAT application.

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