Jul 11, 2011


special report
flashflood occured in the town of estancia iloilo
affecting an estimated families of more than 100.
barangays affected are Bayuyan, Canoan,Sta Ana, Bulaquena and an unconfirmed report from tanza.

current report is 138 households are affected and 731 persons.

5 houses are totally damaged.

more updates later
confirmed 234 households affected.. and 1,261 persons ang nahalitan..official report

video sng flashflood..exclusive

Jul 9, 2011

Welcome to BBM

preliminary survey of business management program of
Northern Iloilo Polytechnic State College ( NIPSC).

Angel in Town

ANgel Locsin.
image of sexy and famous actress of to blog.
pwede sa banwa tah.
full credits to http://angellocsin.filipina-celebrities.net/
for the beautiful picture.

Tambayan sa Plaza

tambayan sa my plaza.
picture credits from estancia iloilo facebook

she is cute.

Korean Actress SEO WOO.
she can be the face of Estancia Iloilo Blog.
maybe, wala man bayad..
credits for the picture from http://www.watchfreedrama.com/celebrity/actress/seo-woo/,


beautiful girl.

Andoks sa BAnwa

nandito na ang ,..ANDOKS SA ESTANCIA
the famous litson manok of Iloilo and Bacolod.
open 24 hrs.
besides Rural Bank of Guimbal and Municipal Marker daw.
kung gusto nyo magkaon sang manok na manamit kg medyo my sabor,
kadto lng kmu dri.
pwede mn katambay sa gabie.
all costumers are welcome.

ang pabo

the famous ostrich duo of the municipal mini zoo..
sayang..the other one was dead... victim of political upheavals and stability..
pati ya ostrich nadamay.
the last one is lonely yet alive.
at least buhi pah,...
malingaw pa mn ang mga bata sa municipal playground.

Jul 4, 2011

clownfish sa my Bayas Diving site

dw sa bayas ni bla muh..lapit sa patyo.
clowfish spawning in water.

GoldFish sa Iloilo

watch and enjoy this  goldfish video..
thanks youtube
so relaxing.

Illonggo Youth Convention: Open letter

Dear Fellow Youth Leaders:

Warm Greetings of Solidarity!

The Iloilo Youth and Students Alliance (IYSA) is one of the oldest and
broadest coalitions of youth and student leaders and organizations in
the city and province of Iloilo.

The alliance had a momentous role in the historic struggle for
democratic rights and social justice in the years leading to the
downfall of the Marcos dictatorship in the 80s and the quest against
government abuse and corruption and social injustice during the
heydays of the Estrada and Arroyo administrations.

This year, the Kabataan Partylist-Panay is spearheading the
reconvening of the alliance to forge greater unities among the ranks
of the Ilonggo youth to advance genuine education reforms and address
the worsening crisis of Philippine education.

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