Sep 8, 2011

Facts: University of the Philippines Budget

The national government owes the University some P6.19 billion in
unreleased annual appropriations from 2002 to 2010, new data made
available to the UP administration today shows. A report prepared by
the Center for National Budget Legislation this year tracked the UP
budget as approved by Congress vis a vis funds disbursement. (CNBL is
a non-government organization founded by former staff officers from

Withheld amounts were calculated as savings of the government from UP.
The total now exceeds the UP budget proposal for 2012 – it is 112% of
the P5.54 billion provided for in the National Expenditure Program of
President Aquino. That fund, if paid to UP within the next years,
would contribute significantly to pending projects of the University
such as the National Science Complex and the Engineering Research and
Development for Technology, the Philippine Genome Center, and
faculty/staff/research development.

This fund must be released as soon as possible. We work hard every
year to secure Congressional allocations for UP and other state
colleges and universities but apparently, it is only half of the work
to commit government funds. Even if funds have already been earmarked
for UP’s expenses, they are either caught up in the intricacies of
budget release or impounded outright. Savings in the national
government are very different from our literal appreciation; they
aren’t derived from administrative efficiencies or rationalization.

In practice, the chief executive may refuse to release and spend funds
that have already been appropriated. Impoundment during the previous
administration was a common practice, and it hit an all-time high of
P140 billion in 2008. These are “forced savings” that when so
categorized, may be used by the executive at its discretion.

Our campaign for greater state subsidy necessarily asserts that the
government must appropriate sufficient budget AND timely release it.
Yet in both aspects, the most apparent government policy is this: to
keep as much money away from UP and tertiary education.

Last night, Kabataan partylist representative Raymond Palatino
disclosed that the Department of Budget and Management has a directive
to consistently reduce subsidy to state colleges and universities,
even as it noted rising enrollment figures. His plenary speech
yesterday hopefully drives the point that the education system will be
in a protracted crisis.

We have already laid out our short- and long-term actions for this
campaign. For the moment, while the budget is not yet final, we will
push for budget realignments or Congressional insertions. On 7
September 2011, some 40 neophyte congressmen graciously invited school
presidents and student leaders to air out concerns in a roundtable
discussion. They were highly sympathetic, especially after reading our
unity statement, “Stand for our right to education, fight for greater
state subsidy!” signed by various student councils and organizations
and supported by our five regents, 12 deans, two vice-chancellors. The
period of amendments to the NEP is next week.

Ultimately, we understand that to solve this crisis we must demand
policy changes. At last weekend’s UP Luzon-wide Students’ Congress in
UP Los Banos attended by 50 delegates, we pledged to contribute to an
atmosphere of protest and the struggle for principles. We call for
demonstrations week after week in UP; parallel activities that at the
same time fete the tenacity of President  Alfredo Pascual, one of our
strongest allies in the fight for higher subsidy to education. For
meaningful change, UP will go on strike on 21-23 September!

Remit the P6.19 billion unreleased appropriations to UP!
No to P800 million budget cut to UP in 2012!
Reinstate the budget for unfilled positions!
Add more public funds to maintenance and other operating expenses!
Oppose zero capital outlay; put funds for new building and facilities!
Fight for greater and sufficient state subsidy to education and social services!

Let’s strike back against budget cuts on September 21-23, 2011!
• Join the counterpart lobbying efforts
• Sign the system-wide unity statement
• Wear campaign pins or other paraphernalia
• Wear black on 9 and 16 September
• Run for a cause on Sunday, 11 September
• In UP Diliman, march in unity on 14 September around the academic oval
• Find alternative educational spaces and environments, and joining
student-led discussions
• Walk out of your lectures
• Organize the strikes!

If you are still undecided as to whether you will personally be
supporting the strikes, or if you are perhaps just worrying about the
prospect of missing class, think of this as one battle in a protracted
war for accessible and quality education: it is something so much more
than missed classes, quizzes or lectures – it’s about securing for the
next generation verily, the chance to go to school.


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