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Novo Estancia (Asia Consumer Value Trading Inc.)

piggebank sa Novo on sale Add caption inventory and sale cleani…

Gif images

my first GIF presentation...bwahaha

4Ps MOA signing 2012

LGUs and DSWD MOA signing

Pinay Solo Backpacker " sometimes, you need to step…

Microsoft Security Essentials 2012

Microsoft Security Essentials is a free antivirus from Microsoft C…

Seafoods Adobo

Adobong Seafood

Deliciouso Dish

Sarap to the Bones: Seafoods

great picture shoot

power barge seen here with mount  Pinatubo? from facebook

Estancia Supermart milk rack fish truck Cebuana Pawnshop Estancia and…

pintados de pasi 2012

pintados de pasi 2012 (pasundayag 2012)

Representative Jerry P. Treñas maintains 1,250 college scholarships for poor students | Sun.Star

Representative Jerry P. Treñas maintains 1,250 college scholarships for poor st…

US Seventh Fleet flagship arrives in Manila

US Seventh Fleet flagship arrives in Manila Facebook Photo Wikipedia P…

4Ps' pay-out

sa my kanto

Melbert General Merchant Bakeshop bluees


TRIBU PANAGAT OF ESTANCIA, ILOILO (Kanaway Festival 2012) uploaded in youtube …

Police Assistance Hotline

the numbers to memorize

Star City D

Delicious foods freshly made

Baroto sa Lutac Race

Lutac Race Pictures of Barotac Viejo


sa kanaway sa camera

Lovely Mama and Pio

sweet talker smile first stand

March Shots

heavy when wet relaxing dawn carnaval for ride Entrance to enjoy …

Aquaponics Video

Affnan's Aquaponics - Tilapia Harvest 31st Dec 201Aquaponics Video

Bio-Intensive Gardening (Philippines)

uploaded in Youtube by last June 30,2011.

Backyard Farming ( Micro)

Micro Farm "GROW" Backyard Farming

Vermiculture 2009 Episode

MNA Vermiculture 2009 Episode/ Part 3

Cage Culture of Grouper Using Tateh Grouper Feeds

dota o ako

Jolog in View

fronting plaza

Imperial Building

Imperial Appliance Plaza in Estancia Iloilo

Another Bank

CardBank, Estancia Iloilo Branch


Products of Barotac Viejo as shown last kanaway Festival

Flower Shop ni Teody

order lang ng Order

Exploring Bayas

commercial shot lone swimmer point landing sustainable fishing

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