Mar 30, 2012

Novo Estancia (Asia Consumer Value Trading Inc.)

piggebank sa Novo

on sale

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inventory and sale
cleaning after the day
at night. without good camera

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Anonymous said...

Im just a concerned citizen,a Chinese manager of your COLON,CEBU BRANCH named IVAN is harrasing some of the tenants in your mall.He is forcing tenants to pay big amount of some utility charges without any breakdowns of where the payments are for.Some says by the time he losses their gambling sessions inside that mall he is forcing the tenants to pay such amount even if its not stated in their contract.There are lots of violations this Chinese has done,even smoking inside the mall and throw it anywhere and this Filipino janitors which paid only 120php per 12 hrs are forced to follow their mess.Hope your management can take legal actions to these very unlawful and abusive Chinese people.

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