Nov 29, 2012

Pro Sharks Campaign

protection of Sharks' Campaign

Dive Philippines photo


Nov 28, 2012

Truth TErors

From truth Theory

control am i in?

A what?

Estancia Iloilo

Estancia Iloilo Today Test photos

for Its More fun in the Philippines campaign of DOT

Popong The Proud

Nabatian ko ining video sa seminar with PWD resource person of Region VI.
be inspired. and wonder.

"Marjo "Popong" Lardera of Concepcion, Iloilo, Philippines has done the impossible with his magical feet.

The armless 26-year-old has literally turned his legs, feet and toes into arms, hands and fingers.

He currently works at a shop and repairs appliances including TV, stereo, fans as well as mobile phones.
He can also shoot a gun and build chairs and tables."

by Tara Yap.

Nov 27, 2012

Beautiful Minds for beautiful People

Truth theory

Androids in Equation

Information and Education

Illusion of freedom


Just a thOught
reading the article "

Killing the Man: Making A Living As an Artist Online [Feature]

Nov 25, 2012

thoughts for thEm

Photo courtesy:
one of the best lines for Community Development Workers and Organizers.

"Keep your chin up.

No one expected you to save the world,
otherwise you would
have been born wearing
a cape and tights.

just do the best you can."

in short" kalma lang".

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