Jan 20, 2013

Lgu profile

Update as of 2010 data.

Lgu Name: Municipality of Estancia
DCF Year: 2010-LGPMS
Basic Profile:
LGU Type: Municipality
Income Class: 2nd
Population: 41,029
Total Land Area (in has): 2,938.00
No. of Barangays: 25
No. of Households: 7,726

Financial Profile:
IRA Share: Php 49,846,619.00
Local-Sourced Revenues: Php 21,944,541.00
Other Revenues: Php 0.00
Total LGU Income: Php 71,791,160.00

 Agricultural Ecosystems
 Forest Ecosystems
 Coastal Marine Ecosystems
 Freshwater Ecosystems

Tourism Potential (Tick if present):
 Beach Resort
 History and Culture (e.g., fort, cathedral and church, historical road, historical monument, museum, structures and buildings)
 Natural attractions

Economic Activity:
Rating Name
1 Fishery
2 Commercial and Service Centers
3 Agricultural

Contact Information:
Name of Mayor or Governor: Rene S. Cordero
Telephone Number:
Fax Number: 033-397-02-31
Email Address: estancia@yahoo.com
Website Address: www.estancia.gov.ph

source: LGPMS

Additional data:

Barangays (Number: 25)
Name                   Population
(as of May 1, 2010)
Lumbia (Ana Cuenca) 1876
Bayas (Bayas Island) 2196
Bayuyan                     2720
Botongan                  4126
BulaqueƱa                         2850
Calapdan                   478
Cano-an                  1817
Daan Banua          1375
Daculan                  1324
Gogo                  2333
Jolog                  376
Loguingot (Loguingot Island) 738
Malbog                    487
Manipulon          405
Pa-on                  2771
Pani-an                         836
Poblacion Zone 1   2216
Lonoy (Roman Mosqueda)637
San Roque              954
Santa Ana                  642
Tabu-an                         629
Tacbuyan                     1611
Tanza                  1272
Poblacion Zone II   3723
Poblacion Zone III        1087

source: NSCB

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