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Food for cause

It's truly amazing how the bayanihan spirit of the Filipinos prevail despi…

Li ching- Yuen : History Edition

Smart buildings - the future of building technology

Siemens' unique HVAC laboratory

A Nokia 720

Nokia Lumia 720 video

Time Travel Video

Time Travel Researcher Dr.  David Lewis Anderson

Welcome to Azerbaijan

The Genius: i meet his works through Red Alert.  unveiling of Nikola Tesla […

No Wifi Signal

no internet, no multi tasking, no problem? credits: Free your mind and th…

Pyramids in Egypt

Giza, Egypt? [ Travel the Net number 2]

News: Hulbot-hulbot Evolution

"hulbot-hulbot Fishing" Modified to appear Legal. i thought it only …

Travel the Net | China View | Estancia Times Episodes

a village called Putao, Guilin, China. Zen village [free your mind and th…

ahhm..Skyfire of Cherry mobile

with Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS and 5.0 megapixel camera. plus 1 G…

Hyundai Accent Hatch CRDi Model

Hyundai Philippines photo

Surfing with Art

Sarah Jane in Malayisia. credits: ndtvgoodtimes

Dark Orbit Game

Holistic online players check this out. new servers and updates for Dark Orbi…

Paborito Ko

reality  Quote :  There was once a businessman who was sitting by the beach i…

Dama king

local "dama" tournament in Paon

Under Water Diving Videos

Diving videos with right equipment and skills. enjoy watching: C…

Diving with Canon Mark3

Canon 5d Mark3 First Dive: from CaymanAmbassador of youtube.

Medical Mission Feeding

Medical mission of  Dr. Ferj Biron sa Banwa sang Estancia

Another Android Tablet

Sa kilala ko na gusto gid sang Tablet: iView 792 TPC : Tablet for Entertainm…

Android Phone for everyOne

another thing from Sun Cellular: hmm. happy reading There’s an Android pho…

fresh to forget

images from facebook [dot} com/ Estanciailoilo5017 preska na bolao …

Brgy.Lumbia Excursion

local cowboy corn farm maiz plantation natural creek

Transformers Prime Season 2

Season 2 in High definition video. uploaded by  Wheeljack1768  at…

A Livelihood Project

Brgy. Daculan

A Toll Gate Story

tax collectors ( sources of income for Estancia Municipality) entrance …

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