Nov 1, 2013

Post from Sir Alunan: National Security Idea

 TOPIC: National Security idea from fb Post of Sir Alunan: 
I think its worth a page here.
"Saturday morning makes my mind roam free to things that could be. With the West Phil Sea in mind and protection of our resources there, bearing in mind what could be thrown against us to grab it and prevent us from defending or regaining it, I'd like to see a credible sub-surface and anti-submarine force created with no time to lose as it takes time to put everything in place.

It would be good to have AT LEAST 6 diesel-electric hunter-killer subs; ALL surface vessels (Frigates, Corvettes, OPVs, SSVs, LSVs) with anti-submarine warfare capability; mine-laying and counter-measures ships; and a respectable air component, both fixed wing and rotary, working seamlessly to render our EEZ and SLOCs safe against any threat from any foe lurking beneath our seas"..
  China is interested first and foremost in our geographical location. By controlling the Philippines it can secure itself better by stretching its territorial and maritime limits, from the South China Sea (to our west) to the Pacific (to our east).

The vast resources of the Philippines are the spoils that will belong to the victor. That includes deuterium, rare earths, gold, nickel, iron ore, copper, black sand, oil and gas.

It doesn't need to invade and colonize. It just has to infiltrate fifth columns and buy our corrupt, unpatriotic politicians, gatekeepers and businessmen, as they are doing now. Bribe money, dummyism, trojan horses, laundered funds and drugs are the easiest to facilitate control.

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