Jul 20, 2014

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Yolanda Damage from Different Angles

Copy of OCHA PDF Report 2014

Multi Sectoral Joint Needs Assessment Report
Bunkhouses in Concepcion and Estancia
Iloilo Province - Region VI - 30 April 2014

1. Introduction
1.1. Background
Typhoon Haiyan affected 515,017 families in 84 municipalities across the Western Visayas region. While
most affected families are expected to repair or reconstruct their homes in their places of origin, the
municipalities of Estancia and Concepcion in Iloilo Province have opted for relocating populations living in
hazard prone areas close to the seashore to more appropriate locations. While land is being identified for
permanent resettlement, 20 bunkhouses with a total capacity of 240 families were built in Barangay
Bacjawan in Concepcion Municipality and in Barangay Gogo in Estancia Municipality in order to relocate
this population temporarily. As of 30 April, 171 families with a total 824 people were occupying the
bunkhouses, where they are expected to stay for two to five years until permanent resettlement sites are

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