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favorite movie fantasy

fiesta 2015

"Leaders and Actions"

Ice cream sa amon

Nutrition Month Celebration 2015.

my watermarks ni pictures ta?

"Under Construction/ Renovation"

Edible landscaping by the Department of Agriculture

source: youtube

Inland Fisheries Program Video

Planning Workshop on the National Inland Fisheries Enhancement Program- Part 1…

2014 year-end Photos

" april 2015" Panagat Festival

" sand and shore acts"

"Buligay sa ZoneI" clean up drive

"slight Modifications"



"crossing Valiant"

Pahanumdom: Comelec Voters Registration for 2016 election

Panagat Festival 2015 "Flashes"

Safety Officer for Estancia Iloilo Housing Project Needed

Wanted SAFETY OFFICER for Iloilo Job Description: Be up to date with legal a…

Sunset for april 2015

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