Nov 30, 2017

C Mareng Anne Curtis with her Cherry

for the people who loves Cherry mobile Phones..

source: CherryMobilePh

Despacito Fever and Ever ; Estancia Times Post

"Best pancit To" ----for the fun and sold out geeks of the Song Despacito. Tagalog version in youtube. when you watch the video, feels like having a travel visa in canada and the United States. hehe! joke.

watch and enjoy.

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"Spider man in the Seashore" : no movie yet
""The chills you sometimes get when listening to music is actually caused by the release of dopamine in your body.""

When Travel and Passion Collides

Small Bancas' 

heading to Port

Tips For a Smart and Achiever Child

Tips for the Child to be Intelligent and Have Good Grades. Advice's from a Certified Doctor in the Philippines.

Source: Dr. Willie Ong

A smoke free city

Nov 29, 2017

Elegance: Tiny House Built by A woman

A tiny House built by a Woman in a Luxurious City.
Sam Gambling of Vancouver--
      "After finishing grad school, Sam Gambling decided that a tiny house would be a perfect fit for her lifestyle. She wanted to remain in Vancouver, BC to be near work, family and friends; but the cost of living in the city was incredibly high".......

Source: Exploring Alternatives

McDelivery just Dial the Numbers in the Billboard.

Historical House of Iloilo City : Malapit sa Capitol

i dont know the exact aname of this ancestral house of a wealthy clan

feel free to add me some information regarding the place

Thank you

Gaisano City from the Bridge

Billboard Ads of Mcdo Across d Bridge/ beside a reclaimation site. 

For People Suffering Diabetes : Estancia Times

Doctors' Advice for the People who Suffers Diabetes. watch the Video for the 10 common signs of the dreaded Disease

Source: Dr. Willie Ong

Movie/teleserye of Karelasyon titled "A Dirty Business"

  A Movie/Teleserye which shows the reality of human life. complexity of human emotions and the issue of contentment.

Source: GMA Network Youtube Channel

qoutes from the Warrior FB page

Be Nice To People. compliment a Sweater or a Scarf

Robinsons Place Iloilo ( Mall)
Department Store

Nov 28, 2017

Nov 16, 2017

vIDEO ESTANCIA TIMES : Philippine To Acquire 10 Kalashnikov Boats From Russia

"The Armed Forces of South Africa are considering the purchase of 12 boats of both modifications while the Philippines and Argentina want to buy 10 such vessels," the spokeswoman said at the Army-2017 military and technical forum outside Moscow where the Kalashnikov Group is featuring its BK-16 and BK-10 cutters.


President Duterte Sings

ASEAN 2017

Pinoy Singers sa ASEAn 2017

Given standing ovation by United States President Donald Trump

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Holy Week Sa Iloilo | Devotion to the Life of JESUS

naabutan ng gabi ang Prosesyon Devoteess and Saints Faith and Sacrifices