Based on the blog post "Google Story: Adsense, Organic Search and Online Marketing". Written by Kartik Shradha of
the writer loves Google; well..who is not? Google is a great partner of Publishers around the world. Both big and small.
The article elaborate that Google runs an Ad Program named Google Adsense which provides Ads on all sites and blogs, from CNN, TIMES, to startup blogs and site like Estancia Times. By the way, even Philippine Star and PDI displays Adsense ads. next, he explained the different books and writers related to topic of Adsense. Here are the books discussed: "The Adsense Code: What Google Never Told You about Making Money with Adsense". Written by Joel Comm, New York Times best seller.
Another is "Google Story" by DAVID VISE. Last is " Marketing in the Age of Google; Your Online Strategy is your Business Strategy". by Vanessa Fox . I cannot discussed further the article as written by Kartik Shradha so that people and readers well go to his site and know more about adsense.
All books mentioned are available at Amazons and other online Stores. source of this Topic is

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