As written in the article "5 Ways to Bolster Your Child's Emotional Intelligence
by Rebecca Eanes in the Website;  Creative Child

1. Talk About Feelings

2. Accept and Validate All Feelings

3. Play Games that Build Emotional Intelligence

4. Use Conflicts to Teach problem Solving Skills

5. Set A Good Example

ill discussed it one by one later.

"As parents, we often only like to see positive emotions in our children. Anger tends to trigger our own anger. Sadness makes us worry, and so we want to wipe it away quickly. We may dismiss disappointment or anxiety in hopes that these feelings will just go away in our children. We want to see them happy all the time, but human beings aren't happy all the time, and it's important for your child to learn that all emotions are normal and okay to feel. He needs to know, of course, that all behavior isn't acceptable (for example, he can't throw things because he's mad), but it's perfectly okay to feel mad. "

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