Duterte is so solidly entrenched in his position I think we can ease up on defending him and start defending--and explaining--the policies that he wants to see come to fruition. The massive failure of EDSA 32 is proof that no one buys their BS anymore, and for all their complaints, even DUTERTE critics recognize overthrowing Duterte is not an option.

Also, this means that we can now focus less on personality and more on policy--even with bloggers. 2019 is rolling around and we all have to be careful about who to trust.

And if there is one legacy I want from Duterte, it is that by the end of his term, federalism would be our system.


1. Hindi na aantayin ng local government ang national government para mag decide sa local problems na mas alam ng LGU. Kunyari, kung nangyari ang Typhoon Yolanda sa time ng federalism, wala sanang masyadong chance yung national government ni Pnoy na nakawin yung funds na dumaan pa sa kanila. With full control of their own funds plus declaring their own state of calamity, our LGU wouldn't have been told, "ROMUALDEZ KA, AQUINO AKO." We didn't have to kowtow to national government to have funds.

2. Federalism lessens conflict. Bawat lugar at conmunity ay magkakaroon ng karapatan I pursue ang policy nila. The national government does not have to decide EVERYTHING. Ibig sabihin, Hindi matetengga ang mga laws pag dedebatahan sa national government kasi kung suportada na sya sa local level, may karapatan na ang local government na mag decide nito. For example lang, Cebu can choose to implement a province wide ban on firecrackers without national government getting pressure from Bulacan industries/stakeholders. 
Kung gusto mauna ng Davao na no plastic or plastic straw law, as in law, kaya na agad (although some cities have done that, iba pa rin yung regional na ang usapan.)

3. Federalism is ANTI DICTATOR. Yes, mga bes, anti dictator. Duterte is actually pushing for something that many people say he is. Remember sa US, California had the power to say they are sanctuary state? Kasi there was a sweeping immigration law that took effect under Trump, and because federalism doon, California stood up for immigrants and disallowed--BY LAW--policemen from asking people what their immigrant status is. If Hindi federalism sila, then they wouldn't have the right to offer California as a sanctuary state. So for example, salbahe nga talaga si Duterte, then BICOL PROVINCE can disallow its police from questioning minors or searching them or conducting certain operations. Ang checks and balances ng President Hindi Lang Congress and Judiciary, bawat State din. Di ba pabor sa critics yon?

4. We will see a more involved citizenry. Because mas may power ang local government na, pwede nang kulitin ni Aling Estela yung congresswoman nya kasi alam ni Aling Estela na Di na pwede irason sa kanya na Malacanang ang may hawak ng budget. Pag Hindi pa rin naayos ni Congresswoman yung daanan sa baryo ni Aling Estela, alam na nila Kung sino ang kukuyugin. Knowing they are only steps away and one call away from someone in a position of power gives people more motivation to be involved. Kesa naman aantayin pa ang Presidente.

5. Mas efficient ang federalism. Imagine the red tape, bureaucracy, delays, corruption, if every thing and every decision is dependent on Malacanang -- police, healthcare schools, street lighting. Federalism is very practical and encourages local leaders to really step up and take care of their own people.

Because guys, the best way to defend the President we believe in, now that powerless na ang Opposition, is to help him push for his dream to come true.

If you trust in the President and his vision, and you believe that he only wants the best for this country, please help promote federalism so that more and more of our fellow Pinoys realize this is the best way.

PS: pansinin nyo yung ayaw sa federalism same old people who want to hang on to their power.

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