While searching for business Ideas in Youtube and DIY ideas for money making activities, i came across this Video. "Business Ideas - Integrated Fish And Layer Chicken Farm Business Ideas"
"In this method, the fish and layer chicken farm together, without any food and fertilizer, can produce 4400 to 5200 kg of fish per hectare per year. Generally, after 10 to 12 months each fish is suitable for sale. One hectare pond can go without 5500 to 6000 three-four inch size fish. At the same time, different species of fish have to be released in the pond. In this case, fish production increased significantly.   ----layer chicken house should be in open space on the pond. It is necessary to keep in mind that adequate light and air can enter the house. Depending on the size of the house, how many chickens will be kept in that room. Each layer chicken requires two to three square feet of space.

Source: Natural Discover

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