Jun 13, 2018

The Best Free Word Processor for 2018 is LibreOffice Writer : Estancia Times Documentary

The Best Free Word Processor for 2018 is LibreOffice Writer
Download Here.

My one month free of Microsoft Office Software is about to expire so i have searched in the net on free
programs as replacement. I dont have the Dollars to buy the premium price of Microsoft Office bundle and i dont want the “ cracked versions” that can be downloaded in the net for free. Its a common knowledge that it contains unwanted programs that can harm my computer. Say hello, to the developers of the free world.
LibreOffice Writer Image by Diolinux Blog

Thanks to the search engines of Google and Bing, i come across different software's, reviews and free trials to compare and study. Well whats the best for me and the system am i using. I can be considered a power user so comparing and experimentation is necessary. So here is my choice for free users: LibreOffice.

LibreOffice Writer is a word processor developed by The Document Foundation for writers and users who have no dollars to buy a premium word processor program like Microsoft Word. Its is free to use and downloadable from its site and other Software databases in the net.

It is a word processor which is part of the LibreOffice Software Bundle and can be compared to Corels’ Word Perfect and or Microsoft Word Program-we know its not free). Stable released of this free software was April 5, 2018 for its 6.0.0 “ fresh’ version and march 22, 2018 for its 5.4.6 version.

The program is compatible and operable to different Operating system that exists as of this moment.
It has versions for FreeBSD, Linux, Mac Osx and Microsoft Windows Series.

For its license and other legal components, see the Mozilla public License V2.0

LibreOffice Writer has lots of features to know and be able to stand out among the free and premium word processors:

1. Grammar checker and Spelling

2. Character and word count

3. Auto-filter for every sheet.

4. Tools for Drawing

5. Linking objects such as graphics, spreadsheets, etc...is now possible, same with embeds.

6. Improve readability with its native text rendering instead of Java text.

7. Simpler native Dialog Box instead of Java Dialogs.

8. “Mother Hen”, Master Document like grouping of documents into a single one.

9. Improved ODF compatibility.

10. revisions cab be track ( traceable)

11. PDF can be import and or edit

12. Improved compatablity with Microsoft Word

13. Integration of Database is possible (mixing all databases)

14. PDF export

15. in-house Office math

16. Mail Merge

17. Auto Correct

18. Auto Complete

19, remote Controllability and Scriptability ( search how)

20. Efficient Indexing

With all of these properties, LibreOffice Writer is good for the people who wants to use something for free and stay in the legal means of acquiring free things in the net.

Note: i wrote this post using LibreOffice Writer Program.
LibreOffice in Wikipedia

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