Sep 20, 2018

ang Alamat sang Uga kag Dahon kamote

pinirito na Tabagak kag Dahon kamote sa Tag-ulan

Sep 11, 2018

Sep 4, 2018

Construction of News Barangay Hall : Poblacion Zone 2

Laying the Strong foundation

Hollow blocks, layout, iron bars, cement and skeletal works in concert

Construction of Barangay Hall Pob. Zone II , Donated by: Mayor Rene S. Cordero and Mrs. Geronima Cordero

Daughters' practice with Camera 104

Under reconstruction

the so called " Ceres sang Estancia"

forever Heavy Duty Equipment

The Practicing Photographer

Want to Earn More as A Teacher? Here is one of the Options : "English teacher who earns $500k by BBC News

Want to Earn More as A Teacher? Here is one of the Options : "English teacher who earns $500k by BBC News.

Shes a teacher based in Seoul Korea, teaching English to the Korean Students in school and Online. well, everything now a days can be learn online, so this video from BBC news gives us an idea that anyone with the right personality and vocation can share his/her knowledge and skills over the net, at the same time, earning a good income in dollars.

i remember Odesk and other teaching platforms in the world wide web that professionals can use to reach out other people and nationalities. indeed, its is so resourceful and creative to be someone like this Teacher.

Video by BBC News

Documentary Video: "Poverty in South Korea (Those Left Behind)"

The Unspoken reality of Poverty in South Korea.

"Corruption of Family Values" is one of the reasons pointed in this video that contributed to the existence of high incidence of poverty among the elderly generations.

May this video serves as a lesson to the people of the Philippines, especially the early generations to value our elders and close family-ties and culture. it can be seen that no matter how prosperous and advance a country is, when its cultural values decay, it goes down to deterioration and degenerative poverty.

no offence meant to the Korean People and Culture.

Video by Coreanofilos

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naabutan ng gabi ang Prosesyon Devoteess and Saints Faith and Sacrifices